Junior floorball is played every Saturday on Revo Sports’ state of the art floorball courts surrounded by a fibre glass internationally approved rink.  

Every match runs for 35 minutes with 2 x 16 minute halves with the first match of the night starting at 8.00am. Games last 35 minutes, only $56.00 per team, per week and no nomination fee! Teams consist of 5 players on the court at any time, however teams may have interchange players.

Revo Sports caters for all skill levels with different competitions on offer for different school years! Played by boys and girls, floorball helps with co-ordination and is a great as a stepping stone into outdoor hockey! Revo Sports allows new teams into every competition any time of the year to allow you to start your indoor sports revolution. All equipment is supplied so start or join a team today by following the links.